International Stars Love for Shin Ramyun (Jackie Chan)

Actor Jackie Chan took a picture with Shin Ramyun that is gaining quite a bit of attention.

On February 28, 2013, Jackie Chan was a guest on MBC’s “Golden Fishery: the Knee-Drop Guru” where he showed his love for Shin Ramyun. In addition, the team for the movie “Chinese Zodiac” posted a picture of Jackie Chan with Shin Ramyun on March 5, 2013, proving that he does indeed love Shin Ramyun.

Jackie chan’s favorite in-flight meal is ramyun and kimchi. This picture was taken during the filming of the movie, “Spy Next Door” in 2011. The picture is very impressive because Jackie is surrounded by boxes of ramyun.

Viewers replied to the picture by stating, “Jackie and ramyun, a humble and warm world star”; “Wow! Jackie and Ramyun! Great!”; “Jackie can eat hot & spicy stuff”; and “The Jackie and ramyun shot, he’s so detailed and considerate.”

Nong Shim USA

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