South Korea’s Shin Ramyun Reaches 10 Trillion Won Sales Mark Towards End Of 2015

Korean Enjoying Korean Noodles
The cumulative sales of Shin Ramyun, a South Korean brand instant noodles manufactured by Nongshim, has reached the 10 trillion won ($8.13 billion) mark towards the end of 2015, said the company on Wednesday.

According to the report of Business Korea, Shin Ramyun’s domestic sales in 2015 had reached around 450 billion (almost $366 million), an amount almost equivalent to a quarter of the domestic market’s size.

Furthermore, the company plans to increase the product’s overseas sales ratio from 35 to, at least, 50 percent in the future.

“We made a step forward to joining the ranks of world-famous food brands by exceeding 10 trillion won in sales with the Shin Ramyun alone,” the South Korean manufacturing company said. “We will keep nurturing the brand of the Shin Ramyun so that it becomes a byword for instant noodles as Coca Cola is for sodas.”

Previously established as Lotte Industrial Company, Nongshim or Nongshim Co., Ltd. is the largest processed food manufacturer and producer in South Korea. It specializes in the production of noodles and other snacks that Koreans love to eat.

Apparently, it has been exporting Shin Ramyun to 80 countries from different parts of the world, especially to those places where a number of Korean live. These include China, Japan, Middle East and Latin American countries.

Known to be a popular food item among Koreans, Shin Ramyun has also become the highest selling instant noodle brand in South Korea. With its popularity, some foreigners know more about the noodles than the country of South Korea, implying how famous the brand is all over the globe.

By Mary Josebelle H. Alusin
February 17, 2016 at 9:05 pm

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