Shin Ramyun Package Timeline

  • 1986

    Shin Ramyun Meal Noodle Release

    Shin Ramyun Noodle is the pinnacle of success that marked the beginning of Shin noodle brand. This savory premium noodle captured the people’s love for instant noodles by introducing a flavor that still remains exceptional.

  • 1997

    Shin Ramyun Cup Noodle Release

    The Shin Ramyun Cup Noodle became an instant sensation upon its release. Both the consumers and noodle lover alike could now easily have access to the savory cuisine anytime anywhere.

  • 1998

    Shin Ramyun Big Bowl Noodle Release

    Shin Ramyun Big Bowl took the success of Shin Ramyun Cup Noodle and made it bigger. The Big Bowl offered its same premium flavor to those with big appetites. The Shin Big Bowl has the same lasting qualities provided by Shin Noodle history.

  • 2001

    Shin Ramyun Bowl Noodle Release

    Taking on the same qualities and taste of its predecessor, Shin Ramyun bowl Noodle provides a high quantity blend of spices, a savory beef broth and fresh vegetables to the consumer.

  • 2009

    Shin Ramyun “Mini” Cup Release

    Shin Ramyun introduced another innovative package size that took a step forward in sharing the #1 noodle in foreign countries. Shin Ramyun Noodle “mini” Cup provided a convenient bowl with the fantastic harmony of flavors of red pepper and beef broth that allowed consumers to continually love Shin Noodle.

  • 2011

    Shin Ramyun Black Meal Noodle Release

    Nongshim added another great product in line with the Shin brand with the release of Shin Ramyun Black. Shin Ramyun Black is known for its thick, meaty broth complemented with the garlic and vegetables that gives the original Shin ramyun a deeper flavor.

  • 2012

    Shin Ramyun Black Cup Noodle Release

    Adding to success of Shin Black, Nongshim released a cup product filled with the Shin Black Noodle. Following the creamier and richer broth of its first release, the cup featured the same amazing taste in a compact portable cup.

Since it’s a spicy
ramyun, let’s name it
辛(Shin) Ramyun.

When Owner & CEO of Nongshim, Chun Ho Shin, uttered these words all members of management disagreed. In 1986, most companies used their own brand name on their products. In fact, there was no precedent for using a Chinese character in Korean company brand names. However, their consensus was that the brand name needed to be easy to pronounce, attention grabbing, and able to relay the real meaning of the product, which in this case was “Spicy Ramyun.” 辛(Shin) Ramyun was the exact Chinese character that truly showed the concept of the product while relaying the product’s distinctive and differentiated feel.

Making Shin Ramyun

    • A Series of Challenges

      In order to overcome the challenge, we can look no further than the Anseong Special Soup factory. The birth of 辛Ramyun was turning out to be a continuing challenge. The difficulty was to maintain a “spicy taste,” which is 辛Ramyun’s main feature, while at the same time creating a prime tasting beef soup flavor. For this reason,辛Ramyun daringly applied the red pepper paste used in “kalguksu” and cold noodles. The texture of the noodle was also reinvented by creating a new type of flour mixture to heighten the chewy texture of noodles, resulting in a rich and balanced taste.

    • Realization of Spicy

      Each individual aspect of the Ramyun was carefully planned, from the brand naming stage, (where the “spicy flavor” was highlighted), to the packaging stage,(where a red background was placed on the back of black lettering to emphasize the Chinese character ‘辛’). Therefore, just as a potter makes a jar, each and every stage of the 辛Ramyun process was carefully strategized with high spirits and major effort.

    • Quality Differentiation Strategy

      Nongshim, the leader in the ramyun industry, felt the need to reconfirm its position. There was also a need to create a strategy for the increasing demand of the growing ramyun market. The first response was to produce a differentiation in quality. For this, a well-balanced spicy broth made from red pepper and beef was created. Smooth and chewy noodles were also made from high-quality wheat flour. With a unique aroma and flakes with a Shiitake mushroom and dried green onion flavor, Shin Ramyun finally came to light.

    • Creating a Differentiated Concept

      Shin Ramyun completely changed the old stereotype of ramyun, which was cheap and lacking nutritional qualities. The second response was to create a differentiated concept. Shin Ramyun paid attention to the key concept that, “Koreans exceedingly prefer and universally enjoy a ‘Hot & Spicy’ flavor.” Hot ramyun, or Shin Ramyun, is the ramyun made for Koreans who prefer that hot & spicy flavor. From this, Shin Ramyun was born, meeting customer quality standards as well as customer demand.