International Stars Love for Shin Ramyun (Pharrell Williams)

America’s music and fashion icon, Pharrel Williams, has shown his love for Shin Ramyun.

On August 6, 2013, Pharrell posted an image of Nongshim Instant Cup Noodles on his official Twitter account with the message “I wish I can eat one now!” attracting explosive attention from many viewers both within and outside of Korea. Pharrell has over 1.99 million followers on Twitter.

This was not the first time Pharrell showed his love for Shin Ramyun

In May 2012, Pharrell made a short promotional video clip about ‘Shin Ramyun Instant Cup Noodles’ and posted it on YouTube, which gathered great attention. In this clip he said, “I will tell you about Shin Ramyun Instant Cup Noodles, try it with some ketchup and soy sauce. It’s real good!” Through this, he introduced his own recipe showing his loyalty to Shin Ramyun.

By Nong Shim USA

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