International Stars Love for Shin Ramyun (Psy)

Shin Ramyun enthusiast Psy sent a self-made video to Nongshim, which became a hot topic and a must-watch video online. Within 16 days the video received over a million hits.

Particularly, the video was watched in 149 different countries even though Shin Ramyun is currently only exported to 80 countries around the world. This proved Psy’s Super Star Power all over the world. Although analysis showed that most of the hits came from Korea, most of the replies came from the U.S. It is also interesting to know that 72% of the viewers were male and 66.8% of the viewers were between 35 to 56 years old. In line with the growing popularity of smart phones around the world, over half of the viewers watched the video using their cell phones.

Nong Shim USA

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