Photo of Shin Ramyun Chicken Breast Pineapple Fried Rice

Simple Hawaiian Flavor Ramyun

The Recipe
“Experience a whole new twist of ramyun by adding some Hawaiian flavor!”


  • 1 bag of Shin Ramyun
  • 40g of Pineapple
  • 90g of Chicken breast
  • 20g of Spinach
  • Half (6g) of Chili pepper
  • 1 (34g) of Green chili pepper
  • 6g of Crushed garlic
  • 6g of Shin Ramyun seasoning
  • 30ml of Water (for sauce)
  • 4ml of Sesame oil
  • 1 Egg
  • 20ml of Olive oil

Cooking Direction

  • 1) Mix crushed garlic, Shin Ramyun seasoning, and sesame oil.

  • 2) Dice pineapple and chicken breast
    (1*1*1 cm).

  • 3) Cut peppers into half, remove all seeds then slice them by in 2mm thickness.

  • 4) Wash spinach and keep leaves only.

  • 5) Boil Shin Ramyun noodles for 4 mins. Rinse in cold water then drain them.

  • 6) Swirl the pan with olive oil, saute chicken breast over medium-high heat for 1 min. (set it aside).

  • 7) On a same pan, make scrambled eggs.

  • 8) Saute chicken breast, peppers and pineapple for 30 sec.

  • 9) Add cooked noodles and saute for 10 sec., then add the sauce (1) & Spinach and saute for 20 more sec.