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Commitment with Customer

Safe manufacturing processes, production of healthy food for health and happiness of our customers think of first exit to keep your promise.

      • No MSG
        NO! MSG

        Nongshim does not use MSG. From its instant noodles, Nongshim has not used MSG in any of its products manufactured in Korea since February 2007. For your health, Nongshim adds flavors with natural ingredients including mushrooms. Enjoy the safe but savory foods of Nongshim!

      • Transfat Zero

        0g-Trans Fat

        Nongshim has developed low-fat products for health-conscious consumers including Rice Noodle, Nongshimgaraknaengdongmyeon and Geonmyeon with fat content of 0.5g to 4g; and SUMI CHIPS with less fat than a doughnut, by reducing the fat content by about 30%.

      • Best Taste

        Chefs Best Award

        The Chefs Best Award of 2003-2015 was awarded to Nongshim by American Culinary Institute for Nongshim noodle’s superior taste, appearance, texture and flavor. We use the most selective choices of farm-fresh produce, unique blend of spices and premium quality grains.